Technical Session Details

Technical Session 1:

  • T1.1: GaN Integration Drives the Second Revolution in Power Conversion

    • Presenter: Stephen Oliver, Navitas Semiconductor

    • Introduction: The presentation will review introduce the GaN power IC structure, and circuit-related reliability structures / techniques. System benefits will be described using a wide range of converters from 27W to 3.2kW and 300 kHz to 1MHz+.

  • T1.2: High Efficiency High Density 3.2kW GaN Totem-Pole PFC

    • Presenter: Qingyun Huang

    • Introduction: Innovation and design of a 3.2kW MHz dual-phase interleaved GaN totem-pole PFC with 99% efficiency and 130W/in3 power density

  • T1.3: High Efficiency High Density LLC Resonant Converter and Adaptive Synchronous Rectifier Control

    • Presenter: Ruiyang Yu

    • Introduction: High frequency (500kHz) all GaN LLC resonant converter design and optimization will be covered. A 3.2 kW power supply unit is designed to reach high power density and high efficiency application.

  • T2.1: Solid State Transformer for Efficient Data Center Application

    • Presenter: Alex Huang

    • Introduction: Design of solid state transformer for efficient data center application. 

Technical Session 2:


  • T2.1: Achieving SiC High Switching Speed by Driver-MOSFET Integration​

    • Presenter: Pengkun Liu

    • Introduction: This paper focuses on developing analytical models of current sharing and additional resonance in single-driver multi-chip power module. An exhaustive investigation into the impact of circuit parameters on the limitation is conducted and the design consideration for optimizing the performance is given.

  • T2.2: Ultra-Fast Switching of 1.2kV SiC MOSFETs for Megahertz Applications Enabled by 3D Package

    • Presenter: Xin Zhao

    • Introduction: A previously proposed Three-dimensional (3D) power module solution for 1.2kV SiC MOSFETs in half bridge is analyzed. The 3D solution enables ultra-low parasitic inductance, 1.3nH, in the half bridge power module. A breakdown of commutation inductance distributed at different locations in half bridge, and corresponding impact on switching performance is also analyzed in detail.

  • T2.3: Loss Reduction in Si+SiC Hybrid Power Module

    • Presenter: Liqi Zhang

    • Introduction: A 1200V/200A hybrid power switch module with integrated delay circuit is reported for the first time. The design of the gate driver delay circuit is explained and analyzed, and the conduction and switching characterization of the hybrid power switch is shown.  It can achieve more than >50% total loss reduction compared to Si IGBT.

  • T2.4: High performance GaN Schottky diode realized with epitaxial refill trench approach

    • Presenter: Sizhen Wang

    • Introduction: In this article, the enabling doping technology was developed, using regrown p-GaN to fill the GaN trench pattern, and GaN junction barrier Schottky diodes were designed and fabricated with this innovative approach to demonstrate its capability. We will discuss the design and process integration of GaN vertical Schottky diode.

  • T2.5: Medium Voltage AC/DC Conversion with two Level Single-stage Dual Active Bridge based Solid State Transformer

    • Presenter: Soumik Sen

    • Introduction: A novel dual active bridge(DAB) based two-level-single-stage (TLSS) Solid-state transformer (SST) circuit has been proposed and compared with the recently reported current source series resonant converter(CSSRC) topology. A 3.6kV/240V AC 5kW SST prototype has been fabricated and tested. Experimental and simulation results validate the operation of TLSS DAB SST.

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