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Semiconductor Power Electronics Center
Power electronics innovation for a greener, sustainable and more efficient world
  • Power Electronics is the enabling technology for an electrified world, converting electric energy from one form to the other, from a few watts to 100s MW
  • SPEC at UT Austin is a center of excellence with strong industry guidance
    • Educate and train world class students
    • Perform and publish world-class research
    • Design, build, and test first-of-a-kind devices and systems
    • World class facility accessible by industry
    • Technology transfer to industry ‒ Spinout companies
    • Provide advice to the government
    • Educating the public through demonstration and pilot project
  • Industry supports SPEC typically in the following three way
    • Sponsor a SPEC fellowship (typically $60k/per year)
    • Sponsor a contract research with defined milestones and budget
    • Joint proposal to government (NSF, DOE, Arpa-E etc.)
3.6kV/400A SiC IPM

SPEC developed a novel and cost-effective 3.6kV/400A Sic HB IPM based on the Austin SuperMOS

Nov 2021: SPEC developed a novel and cost-effective 3.6kV/400A Sic half-bridge IPM based on the Austin SuperMOS. This work is featured by the power electronics news website.
Twenty-four 1200V SiC MOSFETs are integrated into the IPM together with a high isolation voltage gate power supply, gate driver with overcurrent protection. Ultra-low-power loop stray inductance is achieved by utilizing magnetic flux cancellation in the IPM.


Prof. Alex Huang received 2021 IEEE Power and Energy Society Energy Internet Pioneer Award

October 2021: Dr. Alex Huang, SPEC director, and Dula D. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering at UT Austin was the recipient of the 2021 Energy Internet Pioneer Award. The award was given in a virtual ceremony held on October 23, 2021, at the 5th IEEE Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2 ) Conference held in Taiyuan, China from 22nd Oct – 24th Oct 2021.

The Energy Internet Pioneer Award, abbreviated as EIPA, is presented to a respected professor/scientist/engineer for his/her pioneering technology or leading contributions to the development of Energy Internet. EIPA will be awarded to no more than one winner per year, which consists of a plaque with a suitable citation, describing the contributions of the awardee. Dr. Huang was given this award for his pioneering contribution in the development of the Energy Internet concept and the smart solid-state transformer-based “Energy Router” technology.

OPALRT 21st Conference

Professor Alex Huang served as a panelist in the OPAL-RT'S 13th Conference on Real-Time Simulation

Sep 2021: Professor Alex Huang served as a panelist in the OPAL-RT'S 13th Conference on Real-Time Simulation. The panel focused on "Validation of Power Electronic Industrial Applications through HIL". Other panelists are Dr. Mathieu Giroux, Dr. Hamish Laird , Dr. Ilknur Colak and Dr. Geraldo Nojima.