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Semiconductor Power Electronics Center
Power electronics innovation for a greener, sustainable and more efficient world
  • Power Electronics is the enabling technology for an electrified world, converting electric energy from one form to the other, from a few watts to 100s MW
  • SPEC at UT Austin is a center of excellence with strong industry guidance
    • Educate and train world class students
    • Perform and publish world-class research
    • Design, build, and test first-of-a-kind devices and systems
    • World class facility accessible by industry
    • Technology transfer to industry ‒ Spinout companies
    • Provide advice to the government
    • Educating the public through demonstration and pilot project
  • Industry supports SPEC typically in the following three way
    • Sponsor a SPEC fellowship (typically $60k/per year)
    • Sponsor a contract research with defined milestones and budget
    • Joint proposal to government (NSF, DOE, Arpa-E etc.)

SPEC developed GaN LLC reached a power density of 522W/in^3

June 2021:
400V to 48V DC/DC converter is a critical part of the 48V power delivery system for data centers and computing system. Semiconductor Power Electronics Center at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with Efficient Power Conversion, has developed a 3 kW GaN LLC DC/DC converter with a power density of 522 W/in^3. Switching frequency is 1 Mhz. Great work by Qingyun Huang and Qingxuan Ma.


Keynote speech at the "Roadmap to Next-Gen EV & AV" Virtual Conference organized by EETimes

Mar 2021: Professor Alex Huang gave a keynote speech today at the "Roadmap to Next-Gen EV & AV" virtual conference organized by EETimes. Dr. Huang's talk is entitled "High Power and High Power Density EV Inverters Based on GaN Power Devices"

All-GaN Power Supply

SPEC Developed all GaN PSU Highlighted in Power Electronics News

Mar 2021: SPEC developed 3.2kW 240V AC - 54/51V DC all GaN PFC + LLC unit highlighted in Power Electronics News. The design measures just 1U x 2U x 210 mm (800 cc) and achieves power density of 4 W/cc (65 W/in3).


SPEC Congratulates Atsushi Shimbori on his Ph.D. Defense

Nov 2020: SPEC congratulates Atsushi Shimbori for successfully defending his Ph.D. His thesis title is "Device and process development of SiC lateral power devices". His committee members include Dr. Sanjay Banerjee, Dr. Edward Yu, Dr. Woongie Sung, Dr. Hiu Yung Wong and Dr. Alex Huang.