Power Management Integrated Circuits

PMIC chips

PMIC Chips developed by SPEC

Utilizing available CMOS or BCD integrated circuit processes, the PMIC research focuses on developing advanced analog and mixed signal controllers for integrated power converters, optimization of the converter efficiency for light load and heavy loads. PMIC group is also developing advanced process and device technology suitable for PMIC chips in low voltage and high voltage (BV=600V) applications. GaN and SiC based power IC technology is one of the research area. PMIC research benefits PMIC companies by educating and training of highly skilled designers, as well as developing unique solutions that can be applied in commercial application. PMIC students typically will conduct schematic capture, high fidelity circuit simulation, layout generation and chip tape out. Finally, fabricated chips are typically tested in a reference circuit. For CMOS and BCD based PMICs, MOSIS (www.mosis.org) is typically used.