SPEC Showcases Technology Development at APEC 2018


SPEC Alumni gathered at APEC 2018

A number of SPEC students attended APEC 2018 held recently in San Antonio, TX. 10 papers were presented by SPEC team!.

1.     “A 10 kV DC Transformer (DCX) Based on Current Fed SRC and 15 kV SiC MOSFETs” by Qianlai Zhu, Li Wang, Liqi Zhang, Alex Q. Huang

2.     “A Single-Stage Bidirectional Dual-Active-Bridge AC-DC Converter Based on Enhancement Mode GaN Power Transistor” by Tianxiang Chen, Ruiyang Yu, Qingyun Huang, Alex Q. Huang

3.     “Performance Optimization of a 1.2kV SiC High Density Half Bridge Power Module in 3D Package” by Xin Zhao, Bo Gao, Liqi Zhang, Douglas Hopkins, Alex Q. Huang

4.     “Single-Phase Dual-Mode Four-Switch Buck-Boost Transformerless PV Inverter with Inherent Leakage Current Elimination” by Qingyun Huang, Qingxuan Ma, Alex Q. Huang

5.     “Real-Time Adaptive Timing Control of Synchronous Rectifiers in High Frequency GaN LLC Converter” by Zhuoran Liu, Ruiyang Yu, Tianxiang Chen, Qingyun Huang, Alex Q. Huang

6.     “A Design Investigation of a 1 MVA SiC Medium Voltage Three Phase Rectifier Based on Isolated Dual Active Bridge” by Hanning Tang, Alex Q. Huang

7.     “Improved Analysis, Design and Control for Interleaved Dual-Phase ZVS GaN-Based Totem-Pole PFC Rectifier with Coupled Inductor” by Qingyun Huang, Qingxuan Ma, Ruiyang Yu, Tianxiang Chen, Alex Q. Huang

8.     “A Novel Adaptive Control for Three-Phase Inverter” by Xiangjun Quan, Alex Q. Huang, Xiaobo Dou, Zaijun Wu, Minqiang Hu

9.     “Gate Driver Design and Continuous Operation of an Improved 1200V/200A FREEDM-Pair Half-Bridge Power Module” by Liqi Zhang, Xin Zhao, Xiaoqing Song, Qianlai Zhu, Soumik Sen, Pengkun Liu, Alex Q. Huang

10.   “High Current Medium Voltage Solid State Circuit Breaker Using Paralleled 15kV SiC ETO” by Liqi Zhang, Richard Woodley, Xiaoqing Song, Soumik Sen, Xin Zhao, Alex Q. Huang