Invited Industry Session Details I2.1

I2.1 Battery transition in a Datacenter power delivery system​:

  • Presenter: Dr. Lei Wang, Principal Engineer, Dell

  • Abstract: There is a trend to deploy low-voltage battery backup units (BBU) to replace traditional central AC UPS system in a data center. In the event of an AC power interruption, the battery backup unit takes over the system load in real time and maintains continuous powering of the system for a period of time ( e.g. 60 seconds) sufficient to switchover to an alternative power source or an orderly shutdown.

    Once the AC power source or the alternative power source, usually the backup generator, is up and ready, the power will be transferred from all the battery backup units back to such AC sources powered PSUs. This transition, i.e. reloading the AC line/backup generator incrementally after operating on battery power, is also called “Walk-in”.  In this presentation, ways to implement a smooth “walk-in” are discussed.

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