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  • P1.1: A Single-Stage Bidirectional Dual-Active-Bridge AC-DC Converter Based on Enhancement Mode GaN Power Transistor

    • Presenter: Tianxiang Chen

    • Introduction:This  paper presents a high  step-down ratio single-stage  AC-DC converter based on GaN  HEMT and dual-active-bridge (DAB)  topology. Compare with two-stage solution, single-stage could realize higher theoretical efficiency and lower cost to overall system.


  • P1.2: A 98.3% Efficient GaN Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for DC Microgrid Energy Storage System Applications

    • Presenter: Ruiyang Yu

    • Introduction: This paper presents a novel 400 to 12 V isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter based on a phase-shift-controlled-modified dual-active-bridge power stage. The proposed converter consists of a half-bridge and center tap with active clamp circuit, which has promising performance for low-voltage high-current applications.

  • P1.3: Single-Phase Dual-Mode Four-Switch Buck-Boost Transformerless PV Inverter with Inherent Leakage Current Elimination

    • Presenter: Qingyun Huang

    • Introduction:This paper proposes a single-phase dual-mode four-switch Buck-Boost transformerless PV inverter with inherent ground leakage current elimination.


  • P1.4: Photovoltaic Operating in Synchronous Generator (PVSG)

    • Presenter: Xiangjun Quan

    • Introduction: A concept of making the PV generator operate like a virtual synchronous generator is proposed. For the single-phase system, a smart and autonomous integration concept for DC microgrids into the legacy AC grid is proposed based on the Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) concept. It utilizes a DC-AC converter as a universal VSM Based Interface (VSMBI) between the AC grid and various Distributed Energy Resources (DER) connected on the DC side.

  • P1.5: A Cost-effective High Voltage SiC Super Switch

    • Presenter: Liqi Zhang

    • Introduction: A 15-kV 40-A SiC three-terminal power switch is reported for the first time, which is based on a series connection of 1.2-kV SiC power devices. Compared with the monolithic 15-kV SiC MOSFET, this super switch  shows obvious advantages in cost and thermal conductivity. The design and voltage-balancing mechanism of the are introduced, and the performance including the voltage balancing, conduction characteristics over a wide range of temperatures, and dynamic switching performance, is analyzed. 


  • P1.6: Comprehensive Analysis of Trade-off between Noise and Wide Band-Gap (WBG) Device Switching Speed

    • Presenter: Pengkun Liu

    • Introduction: This paper focuses on analysis mechanism of the PWM and gate noise pulse in fast switching half-bridge (HB) circuits. Analytical models of noises and quantitative relationship between noises and voltage, current slew rate (dv/dt, di/dt) are derived to address the switching speed limitation from noise point of view. An exhaustive investigation into the impact of circuit parameters on the limitation is conducted and the design consideration for improving the switching speed limitation is given.


  • P1.7: GUI based Automatic Tester with A Novel Heating Method for Power Semiconductor Device Dynamic Measurement

    • Presenter: Qingxuan Ma

    • Introduction: In this paper, a low stray inductance tester with device heating system is presented, which could heat the DUT up to 175℃. An automatic control system is designed, so that various experiments could be conducted automatically.


  • P1.8: Hexagonal floating ring pattern based edge termination for power GaN Schottky diode

    • Presenter: Sizhen Wang

    • Introduction: A new edge termination layout design with hexagonal symmetry was proposed. Optimized edge structures were implemented in GaN based vertical devices. The electrical performance from those fabricated devices are evaluated with comparison to those simulation results.


  • ​P1.9: Design and implementation of a 7.2kV single stage AC-AC solid state transformer based on current source series resonant converter and 15 kV SiC MOSFET

    • Presenter: Rong Xu

    • Introduction: This paper introduces a 97% efficiency medium voltage (MV) Solid State Transformer (SST) based on two-level single stage (TLSS) topology and 15 kV SiC MOSFETs. Series resonant converter (SRC) is implemented as the main stage and is identified as a current source (CS) SRC for the first time.


  • P1.10: High Efficiency GaN-based 400/12V Energy Storage System for UPS

    • Presenter: Ruiyang Yu

    • Introduction: 


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