SPEC at ECCE 2022


SPEC at ECCE 2022

Professor Alex Huang and several researchers from the Semiconductor Power Electronics Center (SPEC) attended the 2022 IEEE ECCE Conference in Detroit, Michigan from 10/09/2022 to 10/13/2022. Dr. Huang also served as a panelist in a special session on the Challenges and Potential of  " Standard Development for Solid State Transformer: An Update On Existing IEEE Standards On Magnetics And New Standard for Solid State Transformer ". Furthermore, he was the chair of the session on " Multi-Level and Multi-Phase Converters".

The following papers of Dr. Huang’s group were presented at this conference:

- " Comparison of Partial Discharge Characterizations Under 60 Hz Sinusoidal Waveform and High-frequency PWM Waveform  "

- " A 650 V, 2.1 mohm GaN Half-bridge Power Module for 400V EV Traction Inverter Application  "

- " 15kV/50A SiC AC Switch Based On Series Connection of 1.7kV MOSFETs "

- " A Novel Three-level, Three-phase, Single Stage Solid State Transformer with an Integrated DC Link  "   

- " A 900V/4mohm/80A Bidirectional SiC DC Solid State Contactor (SSC)"

- " Driver Integrated Online Rds-on Monitoring Method for SiC Power Converters"  

- " A novel single-stage AC-AC converter for Hybrid Solid State Transformer"

- " Modular Multilevel Converter Based Topology with Lower Number of High-Frequency Switches"